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The virtual discussions via Google Hangout aim to bring a multi-sectoral perspective to each topic presented. We will be conducting two Google Hangouts on the following topics:

Backdrop, December 3-4, 2015 (1)

ICRIER/World Bank Live : Panel Discussion on “Creating Jobs in South Asia”
Live on Dec 3 at 17:40h- 19:10h (IST)

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Google Hangout: Demographics and Jobs
Live on October 19 at 6:30 PM IST (9 AM EST)

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ICRIER/World Bank Live Panel Discussion: Labour Practices in South Asia


Live on Dec 2 at 16:30h- 19:00h (ICT)

Employment creation and employability have emerged at the forefront of policy discourse, in South Asia as well as elsewhere. In this panel discussion, distinguished experts from the region will discuss key issues and concerns that their countries are facing with regard to enhancing the employment prospects of their citizens. The representative from Bhutan, Dasho Pema Wangda will particularly focus on the relationship between happiness and employment, while Dr Sijapati will highlight the criticality of employment creation for a politically volatile country like Nepal. Women’s employment is a major issue in Afghanistan, and Dr Echavez will discuss various efforts being taken to promote women’s involvement in the labour market. Finally, Dr Deb Kusum Das will discuss the challenge that labour laws such as the Contract Labour Act pose for manufacturing performance and employment creation in India.